What materials do we use?

We use solid sterling silver (925) and Gold Vermeil (Pronounced ver-may) for our pieces.

What is gold vermeil?

Gold Vermeil is essentially a higher quality method of gold plating; balancing long-lasting wear and affordability. In order for a product to be classified as gold vermeil, it must be coated in a thick layer of gold (minimum 2.5 microns) on sterling silver.

What is 925 sterling silver?

The ’925’ represents a minimum 92.5% pure silver; pure silver is soft and malleable, but can be prone to breakage. Including an alloy element in our pieces increases their lifespan without compromising on quality. Sterling silver is also a great metal for sensitive ears.

Will Sterling silver tarnish?

Silver will go duller over time. As with any jewellery, it is prone to collect dust, dirt and sweat over prolonged use. To restore the silver to its shine, use a polishing cloth (special type of cloth, you can get this at your jewellers’), or a simple aluminum, baking soda, and water solution to get rid of the gunk.

What is the difference between gold plated and gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil is a thicker gold plating on top of a sterling silver base. In contrast, gold plated jewellery are normally brass-based, or sometimes alloy, such as nickel or zinc-based, depending on the level of costume jewellery.

Compared to gold plated, the plus side of gold vermeil is that it is more hypoallergenic due to the sterling silver layer. Gold plated jewellery tends to erode quickly if the gold plating layer is very minute, leaving your skin in contact with the base metal. Sterling silver is generally more hypoallergenic than alloy bases such as zinc and nickel.

Is ''By Lilou Jewellery'' suited for sensitive skin?

''By Lilou Jewellery'' is made from hypoallergenic materials, such as sterling silver and high karat gold. Sensitive skin will typically react to copper, nickel or brass, which we do not use. These materials can be harmful for you, and our makers, and increase the environmental footprint of jewellery due to their short lifespan.

There is an extremely small chance that ‘''By Lilou Jewellery''’ will cause any irritation to the skin, due to our products being of the highest quality. However, irritations can sometimes happen. Please note that unless you are allergic to the metal (this is very rare), irritations are mainly due to outside factors- e.g. failing to take hygiene precautions when placing the piece in, accidentally hitting or bumping the pierced area, wearing tight clothes which rub on the pierced area, etc. Due to this, we cannot be held responsible if an irritation occurs, as we cannot know what caused the irritation.

Will my jewellery turn blue or green?

No. Jewellery made with copper based components is known for turning your fingers green, and having a lower lifespan. We do not use copper in any of our pieces.

Please remember that ''By Lilou Jewellery'' is Gold Vermeil, so if it isn't cared for and over-exposed to water, sweat, fake tans, sanitisers, perfumes, creams or abrasive surfaces (at the gym etc.), it will accelerate possible fading.

If your piece has been exposed to any of the above, both gold vermeil sterling silver can begin to oxidise, which shows as darkening on the surface. This is not tarnishing or rust, this is a reaction to abrasive chemicals which we can clean and polish off.

To avoid this & make sure your ''By Lilou Jewellery'' stays beautiful bright gold, follow our care instructions!

What is my ring size?

To determine your ring size, do the following:

  • Use a piece of string or dental floss and wrap it around the base of your desired ring finger.
  • Use a pen to mark the point on the string where the end meets.
  • Use a millimetre ruler to measure the string.
  • Choose the closest measurement to the chart below to find your ring size.

Tips for best results:

  • Allow enough room to accommodate your knuckle.
  • Bear in mind, each finger is unique. Therefore, measure the specific finger on which you are planning to wear the ring.
  • If you are between sizes take into consideration the climate you live in and which finger you plan on wearing the ring. If you live in warmer weather or plan to wear it on a smaller finger, size up. If you live in cooler weather or plan to wear it on a bigger finger, size down.
  • Measure your finger at the end of the day when your finger is likely to be largest.

How do I care for my pieces?

We recommend you remove you ''By Lilou Jewellery'' before going to bed, participating in exercise, swimming or showering. Exposure to certain harsh chemicals will compromise the integrity of our jewellery. This includes, but is not limited too; salt water (including perspiration), certain chemicals, perfumes, cleaning agents, silver polish and chlorine.

Should I care for my freshwater pearls differently?

Try to prevent your freshwater pearls from being exposed to water, makeup, creams, chemicals and cleaning agents. Freshwater pearls cannot withstand silver polish. Do not use a silver-polishing cloth or brush as they may dull or scratch your pearls. Instead we recommend as it may dull your pearls, an Instead we recommend using your fingers to gently clean your jewellery. Do not use a brush. Pat dry and lay flat until completely dry.

Simply wipe with a soft cloth, microfiber jewellery cloth or chamois, either damp or dry, to remove any skin oils or dirt. A drop of olive oil on the cloth can be used to help maintain the luster.

If damp, lay them on a soft cloth to dry before storing. If they are strung on silk be aware that silk shrinks if it gets wet but will also stretch if hung to dry.   Avoid using cleaners, detergents, brushes and ultrasound cleaners.

How should I store my ''By Lilou Jewellery''?

Your jewellery should be stored away from natural sunlight and heat, in a protective (lined) jewellery box or a tarnish-resistant pouch. Do not store your jewellery in the bathroom.

Can I include personalised, gift messages with my purchase?

Yes! You will be given the opportunity to create a personalised message at checkout; this message will be included on the Thank You card, inside the gift package. Packages do not contain an additional identification from the buyer, so we encourage you to include your name in your personal message.

Do you ship worldwide?

Sure do!

Who pays duties and taxes?

The customer or receiver of the parcel is liable for all clearance, duties, customs and taxes. We do not cover any of these charges. For more information, please visit your respective country's website on charges for imported goods.

Does By Lilou ship to PO Boxes?

We will be soon!!

How long will my order take to ship?

We are committed to processing all orders as quickly as possible; we aim to ship your items out within two to three business days.

If it has been more than three business days and you are yet to receive shipping details, please contact the team at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How much will shipping cost?

Domestic shipping within Australia is free for all orders over $150.00. Shipping will be dependent on your location and is calculated prior to check-out.